Meg Webb JP

Invited to become a Director in 2007, Meg first came across the (then) Coldingley Crime Diversion Scheme (CCDS) in her role as a youth magistrate. As part of her ongoing training, she attended CCDS presentations over a number of years, firstly at HMP Coldingley and latterly HMP Send. As a magistrate, she felt it was important that – if the Bench was giving a sentence which included a young person attending sessions at either of these Surrey prisons – she should have a clear understanding of the order being made and confidence in the work that was being done by the scheme. 

“Each time I attend a KeepOut presentation I continue to be amazed at how powerful the work is that the prisoners do with the young people, and how positively the latter respond.  In court we engage with the young people and they often tell us how the work done at the prisons is changing their attitudes and outlook on life and how beneficial it has been. I also realised very early on that the work is also of huge benefit to the men and women prisoners involved in the scheme.”

Her responsibilities as a Director include liaising between the scheme and the Judiciary, and advising Surrey Magistrates about KeepOut and sentencing options.



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