How we work – with young people

Since KeepOut began we have developed and are now able to enable up to 2000 young people a year to participate in the scheme.

Influencing attitudes and behaviours
The aim is for the trained prisoner teams to provide as much accurate information as possible to help young people make informed choices.  The way in which prisoners share their personal testimonies and the triggers to their offending behaviour makes a lasting impression. Both within the sessions, afterwards and in their evaluation responses, many young people demonstrate the impact the visit has had on positively influencing their attitudes and behaviour. 

Interactive workshops
Young people attending the programmes offered by KeepOut participate in interactive workshops that focus on 3 themes - personal responsibility, consequences and victim awareness.  The prisoner teams work as a group facilitating educational thematic workshops based on the principle of learning within a group that young people find challenging and informative.

All actions have consequences
KeepOut sends a powerful message to young people.  The prisoner teams outline the likely consequences if those attending the workshops continue to be involved in anti-social behaviour, are thinking of becomining involved in criminal activity or are already in the criminal justice system.  The prisoners speak with honesty and passion about the very negative consequences their offending has had on their lives, their families and the victims of their crimes.

“Today made me reflect more

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