How we work – with partners

KeepOut believes in powerful partnerships and in developing the links and creating the connections to make it all happen. Without the active support of our partners – HM Prisons and Youth Support Services – the Scheme could not deliver so effectively on its objectives. 

In each prison where KeepOut operates, these partners play a crucial part in enhancing the services we provide. Their collaboration benefits the young people who are brought to the prisons to participate in – and learn from – the workshops and the prisoners who deliver them.


KeepOut is grateful to the Governors and staff at
HMP Brixton, HMP Coldingley and HMP Send
for all the support they provide. This is
undoubtedly a key factor in the successful delivery
of such an outstanding crime diversion scheme.

  • The Prison Governors in HMP Brixton,
    HMP Coldingley and HMP Send sign Service Level Agreements (SLAs) or Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with the Chair of KeepOut Directors. This spells out what each partner agrees to do to enable the service to be effective within the prison, demonstrating their joint commitment to working together effectively.

  • As part of the SLA, each Governor and the Chair of Directors have an agreement to meet as and when required to share issues of mutual interest. To ensure any issues that arise are dealt with quickly and efficiently, each Prison Governor nominates one of the prison senior management team to act as the operational liaison point between the KeepOut Operations Manager and the prison.

  • Each prison provides an office location for KeepOut staff and a space for the KeepOut prisoner team to deliver workshops to the young people who visit.


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