“You have made me think lot about what I am doing with my friends at the moment. You have educated me about life in prison, I have learnt so much from you it has made me stop and think about my behavior both in school and out on the streets. Things you told us about I could relate to because I am doing some of those things now.

"I know now that if I continue on this path I will end up in prison like you. I did listen and have made changes in my life, don’t go out as often as I did with my friends now, because I know I will get dragged into bad things, I am trying to behave in school as well. You said something to us and it has stuck in my head. ‘Stop being a gangster and get your head into a book’.”
Ben W, aged 15

Feedback – young people

What reaction do we get from the young people who take part in KeepOut workshops at HMPs Brixton,
Coldingley and Send? This is some of what they tell us.

"You go around doing stuff and you don't think about it. When I heard the prisoners talking, I thought 'I better sort it out. That might be me'."

"I respect them, not for what they done but for being straight with us. It made me listen."

"I thought I'd go and muck about, you know. But when I got there it was like 'this ain't a joke', and it made me think about things."

“I learnt a lot from my day at HMP Send. It's made me think about the bad things I do and the people around me – like what it could do to them.”

"Speaking to the prisoners has helped me understand that life shouldn’t be wasted and that actions have consequences.''

“The event was brilliant. The women prisoners running the group were very welcoming. I could relate to them and their lives.'' 

''I had a great time today and learnt a lot from the prisoners. I also now realise what prison’s like. It opened my eyes to my behaviour and the problems I have. I have realised that to get where I want in life, I must listen and play the game. I understand everything that the prisoners told me today. I would love to come back and learn more.''

“Today opened my eyes. I learnt a lot from the prisoners who taught me about the consequences of my actions in life and how they can cause problems for me and also the people around me. I learnt that to achieve in life I have got to listen, Thank you so much.''

"Today made me reflect more on my life and how certain things that you do can have a big effect on your future, I know what I do is wrong and now I will be able to do things in a different way. Respect.''

''Today was a good experience, it made me think about how my victims feel.'' 

“Thank you to the entire team, you moved me, it was raw and thought provoking. It is going to be a turning point in my life. I have learnt so much from you sharing your experiences.''

“All that you shared with us today was really emotional for me, but it has made me think and I will carry on thinking positive thoughts.''

"I feel stronger now after listening to the team and their life experiences and what prison life is really like. I will think more about the victims of my crimes and be honest with myself about my behaviour and my actions, It was a great day, thanks.”

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