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Feedback from the trained youth workers, teachers and police who bring groups of young people to KeepOut sessions helps shape how our crime diversion scheme develops. These professionals also share with us what parents tell them about the impact of our programme.

"It was one of the few days in our son’s school career when he has come home and communicated a detailed account of his day to his Mum and Dad. The communication alone was great to have. Your ability to connect with troubled teenagers is truly valuable.”

"Absolutely marvellous day: probably the best diversion scheme I’ve had the opportunity to be part of.”
Battersea Youth Inclusion Team

"An absolutely fantastic programme, really well run and very impacting.  The facilitators were very engaging and even as a worker I learnt a lot."
Royal borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Youth Offending Team

“I have seen some amazing performances – far more powerful and thought provoking than a lot of professional TV and theatre productions. The young people have responded well and will all take a lot away with them.”          
STEPS/Surrey Care Trust

“The workshop was amazing. The prisoners were great and I believe all the young people got something out of this.”
Surrey Police

"Very rarely have I experienced a programme that influenced the young people like KeepOut. There is no one better than prisoners to deliver this message to young people.” 
Hackney Youth Offending Team

"The KeepOut teams make the workshops lively and encourage the young people to ask the questions they dare not ask: ‘Were you afraid?... did you cry?... do you miss your family?... how can I change?’  They help to change the lives of young offenders today... as tomorrow may be too late!”
Enfield Youth Offending Service

"I just want to pass on to you and the rest of the KeepOut team our thanks for a brilliant day yesterday.

"I'd like to say to Dale, Darren, James, Jay and Andrew. I was so impressed with the way you interacted with our young people, built trust with them, how they felt able to open up. 

"I thought the activities you did were excellent, really imaginative and creative, thought provoking with fun built in!  

"I also thought you are all very skillful in the way you present to the young people, how you introduced the activities, and involved them in coming up with the answers. The drama and role-play were great.

"We look forward to bringing more groups to KeepOut in the future - a big thank you to all of you."
West Sussex Youth Offending Service

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