HMP Coldingley
KeepOut achieves two remarkable objectives. Firstly, it develops and enhances pro social values within the prisoner facilitators. This enables them to critically reflect on their own behaviours and understand why they offended. Secondly, with such an insight into themselves they are able to meaningfully guide the young people who attend KeepOut in a manner which they can identify with. The net result is that all parties benefit and have a better chance of leading a non criminal life style. It is truly an excellent programme."
Governor Eoin McLennan-Murray

HMP Send
“The benefit to the prisoners and young people attending the scheme are enormous and the prison fully supports the work carried out by KeepOut. The training the prisoners are provided with is essential for the event days and will benefit them greatly once they have been released from prison.”
Deputy Governor Dave Charity

HMP Brixton
HMP Brixton's partnership with KeepOut employs our prisoners to motivate young people to stay away from crime, prevent offending, and contribute towards making the streets safer for Londoners.  It is remarkable to see the difference between young people 'before and after' a KeepOut session and in many cases it is possible to see a real and positive change in attitude."
Ex-Governor Ed Tullett



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