Regular feedback from both the young people who attend KeepOut workshops and the leaders – those professionals who work with the young people – helps us to review, develop and measure the effectiveness of the KeepOut crime diversion service. 

The frank and revealing views they express are a valuable resource. They help the prisoner teams and KeepOut staff to gain an insight into the impact of the workshops and role plays we deliver. What the regular feedback often highlights is that participating in the KeepOut programmes changes young people’s attitudes and behaviour, raises their social awareness and responsibility and victim empathy .

We’re told much the same story by the male and female prisoners and ex-prisoners who work on the KeepOut teams. Their feedback identifies that they find the scheme challenging and rewarding – that knowing they are giving something back and making a difference in young people’s lives is regularly life changing for them, too. 

Our partners – notably Prison Governors – tell us how they value the commitment of KeepOut and the contribution our work makes towards the rehabilitation of the prisoners. Funders visit workshops and share with us the belief that their money is being well spent.


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