Evaluation Report

This report is part of an ongoing process of evaluation that started in November 2008 when the Trustees of the (then) Coldingley Crime Diversion Scheme agreed an evaluation specification and policy to provide quantitative and qualitative data to demonstrate evidence of the impact of the scheme against its strategic targets. 

The components of the policy included evidencing the impact of young people’s engagement with the scheme in diverting them from crime/offending, and evidencing the reduction of re-offending rates and the improvement in rehabilitation for those prisoners involved with the scheme.

In April 2010 the first KeepOut evaluation report was published with very encouraging results that demonstrated that young people attending events showed significant changes in their attitude and behaviour in terms of offending and crime. It also evidenced a successful impact in reducing the likelihood of reoffending of those prisoners delivering the programme.

In December 2011 the second evaluation report presented to KeepOut Directors reported ‘they could remain confident that the work of the scheme has sustained the beneficial impact on young people’s attitudes and behaviour in terms of crime diversion and reduction in offending or re-offending‘.

Trustees agreed that a follow up evaluation study would be carried out to see the effectiveness of KeepOut one-day interventions in changing attitudes and behaviour over a sustained period of time. 

Led by Angela Murray, KeepOut Operations Manager at HMP Lewes, and conducted over six months from September 2011 to April 2012 in the Sussex area the report was presented to and adopted by the KeepOut Directors at their meeting on June 18th 2012 .

The report reaffirms what those of us who work on the scheme already know as we experience the impact every day – serving prisoners have a real influence on young people’s offending behaviour.

Staff responses

100% of staff members reported that attending KeepOut was beneficial for their young people. For example: “Whole day was excellent, especially the ice breaking activities and prisoners disclosing the consequences of their crimes.”

100% of staff members reported positive changes in the behaviour of the young people. For example: “Yes – especially over Christmas break when normally we get a lot of Police incidents I did not receive any from students who attended.”

73% of staff reported that there had been a reduction in offending behaviour of the young people since they had attended KeepOut. For example: “No Police incidents since. Some students who had outstanding Police enquiries have dealt with them better.”

100% of staff would recommend KeepOut to others.

Young peoples responses

78% of young people reported that they had not been in trouble with the police since attending KeepOut. For example: “I have been getting my work done and treating people with respect and doing better”

71% of young people changed their perception on the realities of prison. For example: “I thought it was gonna be kooshty but it’s horrible”

60% of young people reported that their behaviour had improved as a result of attending KeepOut, 38% reported that it has stayed the same and 2% reported that it had got worse. For example; “I haven’t stolen since I have been to the prison and I have been better at school because I don’t see the point in shouting at teachers anymore.”

89% of young people learned something positive at KeepOut to help them in their own lives, for example: “Controlling my temper. Don’t shoplift because there is always a consequence.”

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