Young people – what to expect

When you arrive
• Your group leader confirms your name at the prison gate. 
• You walk to an area and are searched by a prison officer.
• Then you are welcomed by one of the KeepOut team. 
• Your group is taken to the room to start the KeepOut event. 
• It is a classroom style room, with comfy chairs and tea/coffee.
• You bring your own lunch, following prison rules of what’s allowed.

Meeting the team
• The prisoner team introduce themselves. 
• They are all trained to work with young people.
• Their aim is to make your day productive, fun, exciting and successful. 
• The workshop is structured to suit your needs, to listen to you.
• We want you to ask questions – and for you to get something out of it. 

The KeepOut event
• The prisoners’ message is about personal responsibility, victims 
   and consequences..  
• The atmosphere is relaxed but not so relaxed you’ll fall asleep! 
• You’ll take part in games, watch drama and work in a small group.
• You’ll listen to the moving personal testimonies of the prisoners. 
• Most young people gain a lot from meeting and learning from 
   the prisoners.

We hope you will, too.


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“Thank you to the entire team, you moved me; it was raw and thought provoking. It is going to be a turning point in my life. I have learnt so much from you sharing your experiences."   
Young person

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