On the day

On the day you are attending an event please follow this procedure:

All adults must bring photo ID – a passport or photo driving licence is essential to gain admittance to the prison. 

Everyone entering the prison will be searched. Any member of the group carrying prohibited items (User Information Pack Annex E) will be refused entry. On occasions the security staff will be on duty with their dogs to check for possession of drugs. 

Group leaders must ensure that all valuables, including money, credit/debit cards and mobile phones, are taken from the young people prior to them entering the prison. It is an offence to bring prohibited items into the prison.

Coffee, tea and soft drinks are provided. Groups must bring only sealed and purchased sandwiches for each person attending.

Pre event questionnaires and parental consent forms should be handed to a KeepOut member of staff upon arrival.

In the event of an incident which may delay the arrival of the group, the Group Leader is asked to contact the relevant prison:

HMP Brixton – 0208 588 6443
HMP Coldingley
 – 01483 804300   
HMP Send – 01483 471000

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