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KeepOut has offered programmes for low risk young women at HMP Send since September 2008. These professionally developed workshops are aimed at young people who are already engaged in a programme of intervention or prevention. Each week, the KeepOut team provides young people with information to make informed choices not to offend.

KeepOut provides a work-based location for to up to seven female prisoners at any one time. Core training is designed to equip the prisoner team with the skills and competencies necessary to work with very challenging young people in a safe and professional manner.

The first meeting to discuss establishing the scheme within this closed female training prison in Surrey was held in July 2007. Since then, over 50 women prisoners have worked with the KeepOut team in the first four years of operation. After their release from prison, a number of them have gone on to join organisations that provide services for young people in the community. Those who have been involved in the scheme are not known to have re-offended.

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