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In 1862 Brixton prison was sold to the Government and converted into a prison for females. Twenty years later it was again converted, this time as a military prison, and in 1898, when it was returned to the Prison Commissioners, the buildings were enlarged and improved and made the trial and remand prison for the whole of the London area. The prison now serves as a male Category C/D prison.

The CEO of KeepOut The Crime Diversion Scheme was invited by the Governor and Deputy Governor to discuss establishing the scheme at HMP Brixton in January 2012.

Since that initial meeting KeepOut now provides a full-time work based location for up to 8 Brixton prisoners at any one time.  The core training they undertake is designed to equip them with the skills and competencies necessary to work with very challenging young people from the London Boroughs. 

Bookings are being taken for the KeepOut one-day interventions aimed at young people who are either involved in committing crime or have been identified as being at risk of becoming involved in criminal activity.

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